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Advanced location based tools and analytics
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the secret sauce

Why reinvent the wheel?
Pinpoint is made up of the SDK and a web-based management and reporting platform, Pinpoint Unite. The Pinpoint SDK is a toolkit used to incorporate location services into any mobile application. Pinpoint Unite provides the ability to configure and control the SDK by setting up geofences, events, objects, and business rules.

scenario driven geofences

Create rich location-based scenarios for your users in a matter of minutes with Pinpoint Unite. Our simple and clean interface allows you to easily create common scenarios based on our library of standard geofences ... or create your own on the fly. Create simple event triggers using basic if-then business logic. For example, if my user enters xyz geofence, display coupon abc. Simple!

best-in-class metrics

Detailed analytics provide insightful information on environment, interactions, movement, brand engagement, and other trends. Pinpoint leverages its collection of local activity data with geofenced location data to yield the best analytics for high-conversion targeting.

behavior mapping

With the details of Behavior Mapping available through Pinpoint Unite, brands and businesses get complete customer insight with the ability to predict intent, improve engagement and loyalty, increase conversions and share of wallet - all based on activity out in the real world.

Behavior mapping delivers complete customer engagement and actionable analytics enabling brands and businesses to predict, act on, and influence consumer behavior.

changing the world

Pinpoint supports every segment of the mobile app market: game designers, software integrators and enterprise businesses can immediately leverge location based capabilities in their apps - without the steep learning curve and programming expense. Three cheers for software developer kits (SDKs)!

pinpoint use cases

Social gaming, health and wellness applications, retail experiences, event networking, advergaming, product reward programs, and business networking are just a few examples of the types of apps that can be enhanced by Pinpoint.

world-class support

Complete support is provided for the SDK, Pinpoint Unite, and the reporting platform, including regular updates and enhancements. From GPS, to WiFi, to iBeacons.

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